I'm Ming-Chen Lu.

I am a product designer and creative technologist. Currently,  I am studying for a Master of Design in Engineering and is a Design Fellow at Disability Lab at UC Berkeley. I have multiple design work experiences. Previously, I worked as a product designer at STEPV. I also worked as a brand designer and UI/UX designer, focusing on helping time-honored brands transform into new industries.

I have a deep passion for exploring how technology can be inclusively designed, utilizing playful interactions and immersive experiences. My design philosophy prioritizes inclusion and creativity, with a constant emphasis on grounding my work in reality.

I aim to identify where exclusion occurs and use those insights to forge better experiences for everyone.
My core values as a designer


My ability to connect with people enhances my design skills and energizes me in team settings. This connection fosters empathy and collaboration, allowing me to understand others' needs and work effectively in teams.


I am always in pursuit of innovative design ideas that engage users uniquely, and I believe that this drive for innovation often leads to movements in technology, enhancing usability and accessibility, and spurring progress in various other fields.

I'm open to new opportunities &
would love to hear from you.
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