Crickets Were a Traditional Dish
  • Using traditional cricket eating as a marketing hook could attract interest
  • Bringing back a familiar food like crickets may face less public skepticism
  • Leveraging cricket's cultural past can boost acceptance of your Cricket Farm
People Prefer to Eat Crickets
I roasted crickets and purchased different kinds of insect desserts. Interviewees tasted different kinds of desserts made from insects. Based on the results, most people preferred crickets to other insects because of their flavors and taste.
The Rise of Cricket Desserts
New cricket desserts indicate a trend towards sustainable, protein-rich foods, transforming consumption habits, and advancing ecological culinary innovation.
Ideal Cricket Growth Conditions
Creating an environment within the product that is perfectly suited for cricket development
Simplified Cricket Cultivation
Ensuring that the process of raising crickets is user-friendly and accessible to people with no prior experience in farming or insect cultivation
Zero-Waste Reusable Design
Can be used multiple times without the need for disposal
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